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shabbat dinner was good lol

i spent like half of last night laughing at flans instagram and this one helped me write in my art history class today lol


I can’t believe that the ~nice bis~ of tumblr dot com seriously think that monosexism rhetoric is just bi people shooting themselves in the foot and its acceptance or rejection has no broader political consequences.

straight liberals in academia and healthcare already fucking lap up the idea that bisexuals face a particular egregious oppression from lesbians and gay men, because they love the idea that those dastardly homos would jump at the chance to oppress people for expressing heterosexual attraction. literally everything I have ever read, and all the training I’ve done in volunteer roles, relating to research on or psychological health of LGB people labours endlessly about how specifically marginalised bi people are. I have never ever seen anything in general LGB-related resources about misogyny within the community, or race, disability or class issues, and not even the barest whisper about the specific harms of lesbophobia. but on and on and on, oh the lesbians and gays are so mean and exclusionary to people who have straight relationships.

"monosexism" is a power grab. it is a direct appeal to the homophobia of straight liberals on the basis of shared participation in institutional heterosexuality. it might backfire on some bi people, but it’s going to earn them a hell of a lot of social capital too.

ps. if you’re bi and you want to reblog this and cry and yell at me for oppressing you with my lesbianism, please consider doing literally anything else bc i’m only going to laugh at and block you

Ancient fuzz goblin

Ancient fuzz goblin

We’re talking about gauls I’m having Latin class flashbacks

Blaze it

My art history prof is talking about dicks

time 4 lunch

time 4 lunch

QuEeRs: *harass lesbians constantly, exclude them, label them all as terfs even if they're sex-pos libfems or even just apolitical because it's the easiest and most effective way to demonize a woman u don't like while still appearing progressive*
lesbians: can you fucking stop and grow up
QuEeRs: oh my god look at this privileged entitled bitch